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  Mediamix Interactive

Mediamix Interactive provides online marketing solutions to reach, monetize and create dialogue with your clients
and potential clients.

We have years of experience bringing strategic insight to a long list of marketing initiatives,
particularly in the arena of social marketing.

Our team brings a "mix" of expertise in social media networking, digital content strategy and database marketing,
as well as the traditional forms of media, such as TV and radio.

Mediamix Interactive has developed some of the largest social media projects on the internet to date and brings
the knowledgeable background it takes to integrate mobile applications and digital content into your next initiative.

If your organization is new to the social marketing space or wants to take what you currently have to the next level,
please contact Jack Laishes at

MMI Revenue Cycle Solutions

MMI Revenue Cycle Solutions is our comprehensive strategy for clients who need consulting services to help manage and optimize their online revenue cycles. Through our end-to-end solution, we assist you with all aspects of online business performance to ensure that people, process, and technology come together to grow successful revenue cycles.

How we can help
Managing contact lists of 20,000 or more members across multiple media can be challenging. From charitable organizations to online dating services to media companies, we have the tools to identify the issues that impact your lists and resolve them. Our series of foundational programs are delivered as supporting initiatives to increase your net revenues and accelerate your cash flow.

Among the programs we offer are:

  • Extensive Website Analytics
  • Revenue Cycle Benchmarking
  • Revenue Cycle Workflow Improvements
  • Technology Implementation and Transformation
  • Lost Revenues & Cash Flow Optimization
  • Analysis, Measurement and Monitoring

Revenue Cycle Practice
We provide a proprietary, phased program that optimizes the performance of your online revenue cycles. Our method and philosophy involves accurate, sustainable solutions that achieve net revenue and cash flow improvements for clients.

Typical client results range from:

  • 3-15% Top-line Revenue Improvement
  • Significant Cash Acceleration
  • Process Standardization
  • New Sustainable Revenues
  • Remediation of Operational Oversights 

Revenue Cycle Systems Implementation
Our qualified Systems Implementation team has the experience to implement and optimize mission critical systems. We focus on the integration of industry-approved web publishing solutions, coupled with solid financial business processes at an enterprise level, to achieve class-leading results, hit performance targets, and manage operational costs - all driving toward massive revenue improvements. Our top-notch services include:

  • Business Case Development
  • Establishing Metrics and KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Process Design and Transformation
  • System Configuration and Testing
  • Training and Change Management
  • Deployment Planning and Activation
  • Measurement and Analysis
    and typical client results range from:
  • System Optimization and ROI Realization
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Revenue and Cash Flow Improvement
  • Inspiring Innovation and Change
  • Process Standardization and Integration
  • Workflow Automation
  • Technology Optimization
  • User Experience Improvement
  • Service Delivery Consistency

MMI Online Business Process Re-engineering Services
Operational inefficiencies, cost concerns, revenue leaks, and growth and transition management are large concerns for most organizations. The Online Business Process Re-engineering (OBPR) services we offer use an "advisory and execution" framework, embedding our experts at client operations and creating new value-centric ways to conduct online business operations. In partnership with your organization, our OBPR group focuses on opportunities to implement changes for radical improvement.

Our process analysis and redesign techniques are comprehensive and well suited to medium-to-large web-based associations and online publishers. As all organizations are not at the same level of process maturity, we provide different levels of phased engagement to meet varying business objectives for clients.

Our three key areas of activity are:

  • Assessment and Diagnostics
  • Transformation and Innovation
  • Execution, Measurement & Analysis

To execute the OBPR projects efficiently, we follow the well-recognized PMBOK methodology that has five phases - plan, discover, analyze, remodel and implement. Our consulting team continuously monitors and reviews the overall performance of your business operations, processes, and results against set standards and metrics that initiate measurable growth and value-centric improvements for clients.

For more information about how our OBPR services can help your organization, please contact us.


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